Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Using a different SAP to login to Metastorm BPM via FreeFlow

Something that comes up quite frequently is how to use FreeFlow to login to Metastorm BPM using something other than the default authentication mechanism. This typically happens when SSO has been installed and although it’s possible to use FreeFlow with SSO it can be a hassle to set up, so the user wants to use the standard eUser authentication. This is pretty easy, by using the SAP property, as below. Note, the SAP property is zero based, so if the eUser script is second in your list of authentication scripts, its value needs to be 1.

  class Program
    static void Main(string[] args)
      Connection conn = new Connection();
      conn.HttpServer = "NEWDOOGAL";
      conn.Engine = "NEWDOOGAL";
      conn.ConnectionType = ConnectionType.HTTP;
      conn.SAP = 1;
      conn.LogOn("Doogal", "");
      Console.WriteLine("Session : " + conn.SessionId);

There have been some reports of this not working in e-Work version 6. I suspect this is a bug on the Metastorm end, but since version 6 isn’t supported any more, I haven’t investigated too much. I suggest upgrading, it’s not too painful! And if you need help upgrading, you know who to call.

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