Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Looking for work – day 4

It occurs to me that having Metastorm BPM plastered all over my CV isn’t really helping in my job search. If a Metastorm job does come up then I’d hope I’d be in a good position to get it, but the fact is there aren’t any Metastorm jobs around at the moment. And most agencies (and potential employers for that matter) don’t have a clue what it is so they probably drop my CV in the bin, since they’ve almost certainly got a big pile of CVs that match their requirements more closely. To be fair, I’d do the same thing myself. So more CV tweaking is required I think. It seems like uploading a new CV to the job websites might trigger an email to agents anyway, so it may make sense to keep updating it, to keep myself at the front of the queue.

Agency quote of the day - “Winsocks are also important as well”

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