Monday, July 15, 2013

Postcode information sites

The release of free postcode data from the Ordnance Survey with very relaxed licensing has led to a raft of sites showing off this data in different ways. I’ve compiled a list of the ones I’ve spotted and will add to this list if I find anymore. – Obviously first up is my own site. I’m unable to write an objective review, so won’t. – This site doesn’t provide all the postcode data (understandably since it looks like it’s been set up by a company who sell this data in various flavours) but does provide some nice map overlays showing postcode districts and sectors. So nice in fact, I may borrow some of their ideas for my own site. – I was a bit upset when a search for my own postcode brought up this site above my own site, but it does provide a lot of useful information for each individual postcode. I haven’t figured out where all the data has come from, but once I do, I’ll probably get some of it on my site. – Again a search for a postcode brought up this site above my own, very disappointing. But the site was intriguing, if only for the broken English in the content. A quick domain check showed it was registered by someone in Serbia. I never realised Serbians had a passion for UK postcodes! The other interesting thing is the use of sub-domains for each individual postcode, presumably for SEO reasons. There’s not much data for each postcode, but things may improve. – If you have a postcode and you want to find out what administrative areas it is part of, this site if useful. You can find the electoral constituency, local authority wards, census areas etc and also grab the boundaries of those areas. It also has an API, so you can automate your data grab!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Land Registry to release all data from 1995 onwards

The Land Registry has been releasing its data under the Open Government Licence since the start of 2012. This was great but only covering the last year and a bit meant it wasn’t that useful. But when I popped over to the Land Registry site the other day I noticed they’d got some historical data and are planning to release all of their data from 1995 onwards.

I’ve sucked this data into my site, but I haven’t done anything particularly exciting with it yet. It’s interesting (to me at least) that the average price that I’ve calculated using a straightforward mean (about £230,000) is so different to the average price that the Land Registry comes up with (about £160,000). They do some fancy maths on their numbers but it still seems odd that they are so different.

But me and the Land Registry agree on one thing, the trend. House prices have basically gone nowhere for the last 3 or 4 years.

Monday, July 01, 2013

Postcode electoral constituency data on

I’ve just recently imported the latest ONS UK postcode data and added the Westminster constituency data at the same time (except for the Northern Irish postcodes, which still aren’t covered by the OpenData initiative). I’ve only surfaced this on the map pages for individual postcodes, but I’ll show it in other places as time allows. Let me know if you need this chopped up in any particular way.