Monday, June 22, 2009

Looking for work - Day 10

When I started this series of blog posts I was thinking it might be interesting because we are meant to be in the middle of a big recession. But as far as I can tell there seem to be plenty of jobs out there for people like myself. It could just be down to my impressive CV (ahem) or my tactic of throwing enough crap at the wall that some of it is bound to stick or it could just be there are still a good number of jobs available. I’ve had another two telephone interviews confirmed today so I’ve now got three telephone interviews and a face-to-face interview lined up. I’m guessing that employers will probably interview the same number of people as in the past, even if there are more CVs available to look at, they will still not want to spending all day interviewing people, so I’m guessing my chances of actually being offered a job from one these interviews are the same as they were in the past. This is just conjecture on my part of course, but it certainly makes me feel better.

Talking of my blanket bombing technique, here are the sites I have submitted my CV to. It seems that different recruiters use different websites to find candidates, so it is probably worthwhile submitting a CV to as many as possible,, (I think these three share the same back end)

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