Thursday, June 11, 2009

Paste from Visual Studio naughtiness

There’s a nice add-in for Windows Live Writer called Paste from Visual Studio that lets you copy and paste syntax highlighted code from Visual Studio into Live Writer. I’ve used it for a while and had no problems with it. But the other day I looked at the source of the generated HTML and was a little disappointed to find a link to the author’s website with no link text, meaning it never shows up on the page.

I guess it’s OK wanting to get some links to his site, but to do it in such a way as to be invisible to the end user is a little underhand. I’m not sure what a search engine would make of a link like that. Very possibly it will be considered as some kind of black hat SEO and my pages will be downgraded as a result.

So I guess I’ll have to re-implement the plug-in myself. The guy does kindly provide the source code on his website so it shouldn’t be too difficult to get my own version built. Or I guess I can go back to using the excellent C# code format site, which does the right thing by just adding a comment to the generated HTML that includes the URL for the site.

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