Monday, June 29, 2009

Day 17 – A sweaty interview

Croydon is “Manhattan as imagined by Le Corbusier” apparently, or so my mate Jethro says. I’d agree to an extent, except I’d have to say it’s Manhattan without the glamour. And today it was a particularly sweaty unglamorous place.

I was faced with a technical test, which I quite liked since I could do it. But as is always the case with these kind of tests, there are a hundred ways to implement a solution, so it all depends whether what I’ve done resonates with the person looking at the code.

And then onto an interview, where the interviewers basically said they are looking for someone who can be a team leader, top quality developer, project manager, software architect and product manager. Oh and they don’t want to pay very much. Of course I said I could do all of these things, although I wanted to shout “you will never find anybody who meets all those requirements with the money you’ve got to offer!”

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