Friday, June 26, 2009

Day 14 – my first real interview

To be frank I thought this would be a complete train crash of an interview. I’d been asked to do a presentation on some of the work I’d done during my last job and I generally don’t feel overly confident doing presentations. So I guess it was a success because my presentation wasn’t awful. It was helped by the fact that the interviewer seemed to be checking his email most of the time I was talking.

The rest of the interview seemed to go OK, although my interview assessing antennae seem to be a little off at the moment. I met the agent afterwards and he said because there are so many candidates going after jobs, employers are getting much choosier about who they take on. Whereas in the past being a 75% match may have been enough, now they only accept a 100% match. Which may explain my incorrect assumptions about how well interviews have gone so far.

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