Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day 6 – where I take a test

I spent the morning taking a programming test, sent it off to the agent (the second in a chain of agents I’ve had to pass through to get my CV to the actual employer) and he told me they’d probably get back to me in a week. It seems like no-one is in too much of a hurry to actually employ people. My one interview is over a week away, although I’ve now got a telephone interview lined up for next week which will be followed by a real interview the next day if the phone interview goes well.

I did like the agent’s story of how one person who took this test (for a C# position) actually implemented his solution in Perl… It was quicker apparently. I’m sure he probably solved the problem in 3 incomprehensible lines of code, but he didn’t get the job. 

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