Sunday, June 14, 2009

Looking for work – day 2

I dunnow, but this may be interesting to people, so I’ve decided to blog about my attempts to find a new job. Given the current economic situation, I suspect it may take a while and as my life may start to mirror ‘Fun with Dick and Jane’, it could get entertaining (a film I ironically saw just a couple of months ago at the ‘Baltimore or bust’ conference…)

It will be interesting for me, for at least one reason. I’ve never had to look for a job during a recession. I was having a wild time at university during the last recession, it all passed me by in a drunken haze.

So what have my first moves been? I’ve uploaded my latest CV to Jobserve, Jobsite and TotalJobs and applied for a few jobs. I’ve also asked a few people on LinkedIn to recommend me. Being a Sunday, I obviously haven’t heard back from any of the agencies, but hopefully tomorrow things will really start to kick off for real.

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