Saturday, March 03, 2018

Converting Strava segments to FIT files

Strava Premium users who own a Garmin can sync their favourite Strava segments with their Garmin device automatically. But that’s not an option available to free users. Apparently this site used to be able to generate the FIT files used by Garmins but Strava made some fairly radical changes to their API that broke that site (and many others).

So I’ve added a FIT file export to my Segment Explorer. Due to rather inclement weather I’ve not been able to test this out on the road yet, but downloading the FIT file and shoving it in my Garmin\NewFiles folder displays it in my Segments list so it seems to work. If you authorize my app then your PR time will also be included in the file.


bemme51 said...

Hi, I used gniza's tool quite a while. I tested yesterday an exported segment which I download here. So far I'm not sure which datat is included in the fit-file generated here. The "gniza"-fit-files contained the effort I picked before downloading (usually the segment leader time). so far it seems that there are some ponters for the different leader types:

I didn't had enough time to compare between the segemnts, I'll follow up on that ( I still kept a few old "gniza" files)

ANd - thanks for your work :-)

Chris Bell said...

If you connect your Strava account to my page, it will include your PR data. It should also include the KOM and QOM data, although I'm just taking an average time for the KOM/QOM points along the segment as I'm not sure if I'm able to get the actual times from Strava (I will investigate further)