Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Noel Gallagher pushed off stage

I have a theory why the North West has produced more than its fair share of great popular music over the past few years (The Beatles, Joy Division, New Order, The Smiths, Happy Mondays, British Sea Power (although Brighton try to claim them as their own), Elbow, The Fall, The Stone Roses to name but a few). It's the weather. Rain, rain and more rain. People are forced to stay in quite a lot and do something. So a lot of them decide to try their hand at music and some of them succeed. But I would never include Oasis on that list. Although their initial material was catchy, it never really reached the emotional heights that great pop music does. And their output afterwards has been absolutely awful. To be fair, "Wonderwall" could have been a beautiful song had it not been for the vocals of Liam.

Anyway, I'd pretty much forgotten about Oasis, but apparently they are still chugging along with their Beatles parodies. And now we have this wonderful video of Noel being pushed off stage by somebody. Although that's slightly humorous, the bit I love is self-styled tough guy Liam. First he tries to get away from the stage invader, then when the guy has been held down by two or three security guys, he suddenly remembers how hard he really is and walks across to "have a go" at him. I think it really shows how much of a show the whole tough guy image is...

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