Wednesday, September 03, 2008

How to kill the hits to your website

I went on holiday a few weeks ago. Unbeknownst to me the Random Pub Finder's database died the day I went away. With no web access I only found out on my return. A few days of emails to our ISP followed (yes we should have had a backup but we didn't; fortunately our ISP did have) and finally the site was back online. A few days after that I went off to Switzerland and what do you know, the database died again. A more paranoid person than myself might think somebody knew I was going away and did it deliberately. I'm not quite that paranoid but am obviously paranoid enough to consider it as a possibility. After the first data loss I'd done a backup, but I didn't have access to it whilst I was out of my office. Anyway, upon my return, the site was restored pretty quickly. So in all the Random Pub finder was offline for about three weeks.

Prior to the database crash, we were averaging about 300-400 visitors a day, now we are barely reaching 100. I guess the broken pages are still in the search engines' caches and who knows if and when we'll get our visitors back...

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