Sunday, September 21, 2008

Capital boozing - the Random Pub Finder book

It used to be called vanity publishing. An aspiring author, having been rejected by all the standard publishers, would decide the problem wasn't with themselves and their work, but with the publishers who were clearly blind to the author's genius. So the only solution was to go out and get their work published themselves and sell hundreds of thousands of copies that way. Of course what generally happened was that, after paying out thousands to the vanity publisher, the author would be left with 2472 copies of their masterpiece sat in the loft, after giving out the other 28 copies to friends and family.

Things have changed, we can now all be published authors via the wonderful The beauty of this system is that a forest doesn't get destroyed to sate the author's vanity. Books are only produced if somebody is actually interested in them. And because they are published on demand, books can be updated and corrected quickly and easily.

So to take advantage of this system, we've taken the reviews from the Random Pub Finder and put them all together in one convenient book shaped package. I don't know about you but even with all the latest technologies for reading on a screen, I still much prefer a book. No power problems, no waiting to boot up, no random crashes.

Anyway, if you want to buy a copy, hop over to I'm still waiting for a design for the cover, but other than that it's all done.

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