Friday, January 09, 2009

XslTransform not generating XML declarations

I’d just started having a look at some .NET 1.1 code using the XslTransform class and I was having a bit of trouble. The program that read the generated XML expected an XML declaration at the top of the document. No problem I thought, just add an omit-xml-declaration="no" attribute to the XSLT. I did that and the XML declaration still didn’t turn up. So I checked the XslTransform class to see if that had some property to force the declaration to appear but no. Then I tried fiddling with the other xsl:output attributes in the XSLT, but still nothing.

So what about the XmlTextWriter class then? No, nothing on that to control the XML declaration (although it looks like later versions of the .NET Framework do include support for this). But hang on, why am I using the XmlTextWriter class anyway? The XslTransform class will take a stream instead. And tada! That fixed the problem and also saved a few lines of code. So only an hour of my life wasted. Hopefully this will save you that time.

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