Thursday, January 22, 2009

Turn on script debugging!

The other day I was pointed in the direction of a new website for a company I know. The owner was very pleased with the work a web design agency had done for him. Unfortunately the first thing I saw was a script error, then another then finally the page appeared. Pretty nice it was too, but the whole experience was somewhat spoiled by those script errors. Of course most people have script debugging turned off so they don’t see these errors but if you’re paying someone to develop your website it is something you need to do.

I wouldn’t recommend having it turned on all the time, the fact is the web is almost unusable if you do have script debugging enabled. Some websites cause so many errors that the only solution is to kill your browser and a large number of high profile websites have some kind of script error. Of course, some would say this is only an IE problem and point to the crappy way IE implements the debugger notification in a modal dialog box and that is certainly true. Perhaps it was done that way so that it is so in your face, that if you’re the developer of the site you just have to do something about it. I think the actual consequence is that anybody who has turned it on turns it off at the earliest opportunity.

But I digress, the point is if you’ve paid somebody to develop your website, make sure they’ve actually done a decent job, even if the only people who’ll notice they haven’t are anal geeks like me.

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