Sunday, January 20, 2008

What are spammers up to?

The Random Pub Finder has a form for suggesting pubs to be added to the database. For a long time, we've had spammers posting lots of dodgy URLs via the form, which is not unexpected, since they think they will get added directly to the database. In fact, the suggestions just get emailed to me, in part to reduce the risk of dodgy URLs ending up on the site and also because I've never got round to automating the process.

Lately the spam has been increasing but not in any sensible way. I'm getting things like "Bill, Man Hatten", "Halo, Moscow" and "Diesel, Washington" coming through. It's left me scratching my head as to what these guys are up to. Why would they be submitting this stuff? It isn't linking through to anything and doesn't seem to contain anything of interest. Are we just the victims of an exceedingly stupid spammer?

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