Thursday, January 24, 2008

Google wants me

OK, not quite but I did receive an email the other day saying

Google Sydney Engineering division are visiting London to talk about R&D in Australia. You have either been referred by a friend or current Google employee as someone who may be interested in joining us for a special G'Day Google event at Google UK in London.  The evening will include plenty of food and beverages, Aussie style of course...blah...blah... If you are also interested in what is happening in Google London, this will also be a chance to meet local Googlers who can give you an insight into our local engineering divisions.

This intrigued me. First, who had referred me? I don't know anyone at Google but I do know a few people in Australia, so I guess it must have been one of them (perhaps my boss is trying to give me a gentle hint!).

And why are Google Australia coming to the UK to try and recruit people? Do they think all our current bar staff want to return home and start working for Google? Are a lot of the Ozzies over here IT people? Or are they after getting UK residents to move over there?

Anyway, I was interested in going along, not because I think I'd have any chance of working for Google since my predominantly Windows background wouldn't fit in with their open source Linux and Python development. I also doubt I'd manage to refrain from laughing when asked one of their typical interview questions, presuming I got that far. But I was interested in knowing what they do and the kind of people who work there and they did mention beer... OK, they didn't mention beer but they did mention Australian beverages which I can only assume means beer.

They provided a link to their site to get more details and to RSVP. Except it doesn't work and hasn't done for two days. I'm wondering if this is some kind of test in itself, to weed out those people not clever enough to figure out how to find their web page.

Update - After a little research it would appear the URL provided on their email is a link to one of Google's internal subdomains. Clearly not all of Google's employees are geniuses.

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