Friday, June 01, 2007

New version of Windows Live Writer

livewriterThere is a new version of Windows Live Writer available. It looks prettier and has squiggly line spell checking but beyond that I don't know if it offers a lot. My problems with Live Writer in the past has been its inability to upload pictures to Blogger (which by all accounts is Blogger's fault) and its inability to check for new versions. I only found out about this new version after stumbling across a review of it. Admittedly, programs that do check for updates tend to upset me as well since they seem to require a new install every time I run them, so there's no pleasing me...

Anyhoo, I'll see if it uploads images now.

Time passes...

OK, so it can't upload images to Blogger directly but it will upload them to an FTP site and hook them into the page. The FTP integration is pretty sweet, although I guess it'll be no use to a lot of punters. But it solves my problem.

So that and the squiggly line spell-checking means I'll give it the thumbs up, even if it can't spell colour.

Some more time passes...

OK, perhaps I should have used the thing before writing a review. It now supports Blogger tags as well, meaning I'll now very rarely need to use the Blogger web interface, so even more thumbs up.

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