Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Bye bye eBay, hello Freecycle

I've sold lots of my old crap on eBay, but I've got a little fed up with it. Most of the stuff I've sold isn't high value so the hassle of eBay just isn't worth it. It takes a long time to put together the sale details, take pictures and package the item and post it. Then eBay takes their cut (whether you manage to sell your item or not) and PayPal takes a cut. Then there are the problem buyers, who fail to pay or have to be chased up. So for quite a lot of work, the returns are pretty slim.

So I've given up on it and I'm going to start giving stuff away on Freecycle. All I need to do is post a message and hopefully get a response. It has the added advantage of working at the local level, so goods aren't going to be transported half way across the world. Apparently there are over 3 million users already, pretty impressive.

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