Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Not liking Vista so much

Doing a search on Google for 'liking Vista' brings up this site as the third in the list. I'm not triyng to show off by saying this, but it perhaps shows that there's not that many people who are liking using Vista. And I'm slowly moving from the liking Vista camp to the not liking Vista so much camp. To be fair most of the problems I'm having probably aren't Microsoft's fault but they are still annoying.

My major problem is the lack of sound coming out of my Dell Dimension machine. This was forgivable initially since I installed Vista before it hit the shops but even though Dell have released new drivers I still can't get anything to come out of my speakers. Vista thinks everything is OK, the only indication that something is wrong is the 'Failed to play test tone' error message when I do a test of my speakers. I've contacted Dell and talked to a tech support guy who said he'd get back to me and I've never heard anything from him since. It seems like other people are having the same problem so I'm hoping this should be resolved soon. Good job I've got an XP machine with sound for Skype.

Next up is my USB wireless connection. It works fine but every time Vista starts up it tells me the driver has been blocked (5 times for good measure) and doesn't tell me how to get rid of the error message.

Finally, SonicWall haven't released a version of their VPN client that works with Vista. Apparently they should have one out by Q2. Again my XP machine has saved me, since I need to use SonicWall virtually every day.

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