Sunday, March 18, 2007

Has my fire really gone out?

So Paul Weller asked in 1993, to which the obvious answer was "In short yes. The Jam were pretty good, The Style Council had their moments (although sometimes in an unintentionally laugh out loud way) but your solo career has been pretty unspectacular". Just like the vast majority of musicians, Weller started suffering from Musician's Dementia when he hit the age of 30. Rather than produce anything worth listening to, they start to make sad facsimiles of their older material or they try and branch out into new genres and tend to look ridiculous.

So it is also true of IT? Do programmers in their 30s suffer from Programmer's Dementia? Have I got it? Would I even recognise it if I did have it? Am I just producing a sad facsimile of what I was doing in my 20s? Have I lost the ability to pick up new skills? Is there a good reason why coders over 30 are viewed with suspicion?

Or is this just the start of my mid-life crisis? Surely 10 years too soon.


Anonymous said...

Hehe, I'm 37 and a programmer and I learn new things almost everyday.

Do not worry, It's just a temporary state.
Your ability to learn new things will return as soon as you stop stressing.

Doogal Bell said...

You're right of course, or at least I hope you are. Some days I feel like a genius, others I'm as dumb as rocks...