Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Metastorm Resources

As well as getting hits from people searching for remedies to their medical problems with their bell ends (hint: go and see a doctor), I also get a few hits from people trying to track down information about Metastorm e-Work/BPM. So here's a short list of potentially useful sites.

Process Mapping - OK, it's my employer so I'm biased but it has some useful stuff. If you develop with e-Work be sure to grab a copy of the Procedure Documenter Designer add-in, which not only automatically documents your procedure but also checks for problems in your procedure that are missed by the Designer's validation.

Process Mapping Forums - OK, it's my employer again but if you're looking for an online community to discuss e-Work issues, this is definitely the best place to go. The official Metastorm newsgroups are like a ghost town, the once great eworkdev.org is now a site about Chinese babies and the only other one I'm aware of, eworkhelp.org, seems to be dying due to lack of people and increasing spam.

FreeFlow - Hmm, alright, this is mine... But if you want to integrate .NET and e-Work, these class libraries may well help. There's also a replacement for the abysmal Metastorm admin tools, which I use everyday (can't remember when I actually used the official tools) 

BRD - Thought I better add something that hasn't got anything to do with me just to make me look a little bit impartial. BRD produce the Swift client, an alternative web-based client, that provides quite a few features not available in the standard Metastorm client.

If you have any other links, let me know and I'll update this list. 

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