Friday, February 02, 2007

Installing a .NET assembly with COM interop

I've written a .NET 1.1 assembly that needs to register for COM interop. I've been using the Visual Studio 2003 installer to build my installer, because it's generally good enough for what I'm doing and it's free. OK, it's not exactly free, but who buys Visual Studio for the installer bits?

Anyway, the installer had been working fine by setting the Register property of the assembly to vsdrpCOM but when I went to test the installer I'd built today after some changes to the assembly it wasn't getting registered. Oddly the install completed and didn't suggest there was a problem but the registry was empty. I could register the assembly using regasm, but that doesn't seem like such a good solution for customers!

So after a not so quick Google later I came across this newsgroup posting (near the bottom) which showed a solution to the problem. And it worked. Problem solved. What I particularly like about this solution is that I'm now back in control of registering my assemblies, rather than being in the hands of the installer's black box implementation, which I've had weird problems with before.

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