Thursday, August 17, 2006

More fun with <noscript> tags

The guys at BetterDeal wanted to know why their website didn't rank as highly as some of their competitors. Short answer is inbound links, which seems to be the prime ranking decider used by Google. To illustrate I did a link:www<dot>carbroker<dot>com<dot>au search (replace the <dot> with ., don't want them getting anymore inbound links), which is one of their competitors. The odd thing was that one of their inbound links came from a penis enlargement site. Penis enlargement doesn't have a lot to do with new cars, other than the obvious psychological enlargement for men who buy big red Ferraris. Looking at the source of the penis site (purely for research of course) showed up the reason. The link was hidden away in a <noscript> tag. Car Broker are also the guys who have <noscript>betterdeal</noscript> hidden away in one of their pages slagging off reverse auctions, which is why they rank pretty highly for a search on "BetterDeal reverse auction". Although Google know about this, they haven't done anything about it and their algorithm still doesn't seem to handle <noscript> tags too well...

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