Monday, August 07, 2006

Land Rover's misplaced marketing

Today I received a letter from Land Rover, offering me the chance the test drive their latest model. Whilst I'm sure it would be fun, there's no way I'd ever think about buying a new Land Rover so why are they sending it to me? I'm not sure where they got my address from but I think they need to do some better filtering of their mailing lists. First, I can't afford a new Land Rover. Second, I live in the middle of the largest city in the UK, why on earth would I want to buy a car that has 'authentic off-road ability'? Third, I'm concerned about this environment thing. Why would I want to buy a car with a 4.2 litre engine that does approximately 13 miles to the gallon with CO2 emissions of 374g/km??? It's nice to see their letter was printed on paper from sustainable forests, but perhaps they need to sort out their massive gas guzzling machines as well? To be fair, the original Land Rover is a design classic and before I realised the environmental damage owning one would do, it was near the top of my list of cars to own. Any way, the real reason for this post is to point out there is a way to stop receiving all this junk mail. MPS Online claim that they will stop unsolicited mail coming to your door. I only signed up a week or so ago so it hasn't stopped yet but fingers crossed it will do soon.

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