Thursday, May 25, 2006

Apple finally gets it

Apple have always annoyed me. Many many years ago the original Mac was ahead of its time but slowly Windows caught up and eventually the old Mac OS was looking pretty dated. But still the Apple zealots would ramble on about how great Macs were. We had one of the original iMacs but it just wasn't very reliable, even though it looked quite photogenic. Which was another reason for not liking Macs. Even though 95% of the worlds' computers were Windows PCs, every film with a computer always had a Mac. I recently upgraded that old iMac to MacOS X and was quite impressed. Of course the problem was all the software I wanted to run was Windows software so it wasn't much use to me, so it is still languishing in the loft. But first Apple decided to switch to Intel processors (and seem to have admitted in the process that they are much better than the old PowerPC processors). Then they released software to allow Apple computers to run Windows XP, which solves the major problem for anybody coming from the Windows world. And now they've released a laptop costing as little as £749, which solves one of the other major problems with the Mac, the price premium. It's still there but it's much less than it used to be and I have to admit that if I do ever purchase a laptop, I will now consider an Apple. And that iMac in the loft will be moving into my new office very soon.

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