Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Best Software Writing

I've just finished one of my Christmas books, "The Best Software Writing 1" and I highly recommend it. OK, all the content is available on the net somewhere but books are still the best option for reading on the train. And even if I did read all this on the web, I'd never read it properly because I'd get interrupted half way through by e-mail or someone trying to talk to me or I might even get diverted by work... Anyway back to the book, Joel Spolsky has selected what he considers to be some of the best writing about software in the last year or so. And most of it is pretty darn good. He's avoided all the technical stuff ("ooh look how shiny and new .NET 2 is!") and focussed on the more philosophical aspects and in the process introduced me to several new websites I can visit whilst continuing to avoid real work.

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