Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Land Registry data for August 2020

The latest property data for England and Wales is now on my website. The number of sales has certainly fallen over the last few months, even though I’ve been hearing of a property boom. And I’m not seeing much evidence of prices rising much either


peej said...

Can't wait for the thrilling and latest October 2020 edition !!
Seriously Doogal, why on earth are you doing this??? :¬) LOL
You are a fabulous coder - do something worthwhile and help me find a way to link my website program (in php) to calculate the driving distance between two post codes that is free quick and easy, thanx bud'


Doogal said...

Hmm, not sure that's a great way to motivate me to do something for you...
Google Maps provides driving distances which is free until you reach a monthly $200 allowance