Wednesday, November 30, 2016

UK postcodes for November 2016

I’ve uploaded the latest postcode data from the ONS to my website. I’ve run my usual checks and it seems to be OK, but as ever let me know if something seems amiss


Hannah Ross said...

Hi there, I'm not sure if the data I've looked at is from 2016 but I think there's a couple of mistakes with Edinburgh postcodes - I've imported the KML from into a google map and EH10 and EH22 seem to be incorrect (EH10 looks to have bumped westwards by a few streets, and EH22 currently overlaps with quite a few other areas leaving one section around Millerhill without its own unique postcode). I am not the most technological so part of me did wonder whether it was my mistake but I didn't have get asked to make any decisions or changes when importing it so I don't think it's me!).
Wish I had found this a couple of weeks ago - super handy for a work project where I'm setting up a map showing all primary schools and postcodes, hopefully areas of deprivation (having fun with csv files on that front...) and in an ideal world also public transport routes (proving much less easy, and making me wish I had started with Open Map in the beginning!). It has been very nice to be able to just click something into the map without major faff (my areas of multiple deprivation in Edinburgh somehow showed up in America and Canada!) so thank you!

Chris Bell said...

Are you having problems with the area polygons or the individual postcodes? Do they look right on my site? If they do, I suspect the problem must be in importing them into Google Maps, since my site displays the KML files as well