Sunday, April 24, 2016 now using https

For a while now, Google has been trying to get everyone to move their sites over to https. There’s lots of valid reasons to do this, although the majority of sites don’t really need it.

The carrot of improved rankings hadn’t prompted me to make the change but Chrome 50 removed support for geolocation services which I use in a number of places. So the site was broken in Chrome 50. And it was that stick that motivated me to make the switch.

One reason I’d held off from using https was the cost of a certificate. But things have moved on and it’s now possible to grab a certificate for nothing from Let’s Encrypt. It’s pretty simple to acquire and install a certificate using these instructions

So the switch has been made. For most users of the site, nothing should have changed, unless I’ve broken something (let me know!). Comments are currently being migrated, so you may find some comments aren’t where they should be. If you are grabbing data from the site directly you may need to change the URL you use from http:// to https://. 

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