Monday, February 29, 2016

UK postcodes with altitude data

After much faffing around, I have finally added altitude data to my postcode data. Altitudes should be included with all the various CSV downloads. Hopefully these are reasonably accurate, but let me know if you find anything obviously wrong.


Fayaz said...

hi, just looking at your data and a number of county's have multiple countycodes eg.

county countycode
"East Riding of Yorkshire" E05001706
"East Riding of Yorkshire" E11000008

county countycode
"Essex" E05004248
"Essex" E05004259
"Essex" E10000012

Chris Bell said...

Is this in the CSV downloads? E05004248 and E05004259 are district and ward codes where the associated names contain commas. So either I'm not encoding them correctly in the CSV or if whatever you're using to view them isn't handling the CSV correctly. Does the data look OK in Excel?