Sunday, May 11, 2014

Help me go on a bike ride

Last year I saw the various Ride London rides on the telly and rolling through Kingston and fancied doing it myself. Riding round London and Surrey on traffic-free roads is very appealing, compared to the usual stop-start, take your life in your hands experience of cycling round these parts. So the first chance I had, I applied in the ballot for the Ride London-Surrey ballot. And in January I heard I’d missed out on getting a place.

There was one more option. Sign up with a charity and raise some money and get a guaranteed place. So I decided to try and help out Cancer Research. Why Cancer Research? Primarily because cancer affects so many people at all stages of life but also, on a personal level, one of my partner’s best friends lost her life to cancer a couple of years ago, before she reached the age of 40.

I’ve set up a page for donations, added a link from my website and been amazed by the number of people who don’t know me who’ve already donated. If you’ve found this blog or my website useful, or are just feeling generous, then please consider donating some money. I will certainly appreciate it, as will Cancer Research.

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Ali Twaij said...

Good site and good work Doogal mate. Excellent