Sunday, August 11, 2013

“unknown CMAP subtable format” error when generating PDFs

Whenever I get an unusual exception being thrown by my application that I don’t know how to fix, I Google the error message which generally leads to some kind of explanation of what’s happening. But Google seems to have a hole in its knowledge regarding this “unknown CMAP subtable format” error I was getting. So I’ll try and fill that hole.

Our software uses XSLT to generate XSL:FO files that are then converted to PDF files using AltSoft’s XML2PDF engine. The error was occurring deep inside their assembly and the only clue I could get from looking at the call stack was that the problem was font related. My immediate suspicion was that the error was due to the user using a strange font in their input, but the fonts in use were fairly standard (Arial, Calibri).

I eventually figured out the problem was due to some of the particular characters being used in the input text. It seems the user had pasted some text from Word that contained some characters that weren’t available in the fonts used in the output. Cleaning up the user’s input text stopped the exception being thrown.

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