Monday, July 01, 2013

Postcode electoral constituency data on

I’ve just recently imported the latest ONS UK postcode data and added the Westminster constituency data at the same time (except for the Northern Irish postcodes, which still aren’t covered by the OpenData initiative). I’ve only surfaced this on the map pages for individual postcodes, but I’ll show it in other places as time allows. Let me know if you need this chopped up in any particular way.


infiniteset said...

Hi Doogal, could I ask where you got the constituency data from? It's great what you're doing and the data is really useful but I have to be careful about using it not knowing if it could be maintained by ourselves if you, er, stop doing so!

Chris Bell said...

Hi, all the data comes from the ONS. There's not a direct link to the data but you should be able to find it from here,
Their data comes as a big CSV file pretty much like mine but I reformat it and add latitude/longitude. But I don't plan to disappear anytime soon! Admittedly my site was down this morning, but that was the first time in a couple of years