Thursday, June 17, 2010

Getting the height of a background image

Getting hold of the physical height of an image would initially appear to be a pretty straightforward thing to do. This may well be the case with an image held in an <img> tag (at least if the height of the <img> tag hasn’t been set) since it will resize to fit the image so you just need to get the height of the <img> element. But with a background image it’s not quite so simple. I wanted to get the height of an image used as a background image so I could resize the header of some HTML output when users supplied their own custom background images.

Even so, this should be pretty easy I thought. Load up the image using the Image JavaScript object and get the height from there. There were a couple of issues with this. I decided to pick up the image URL from the background-image CSS, rather than hard coding it. But this was complicated by the fact that different browsers store the URL in different ways, some with quotes, some without.

The other crazy thing I encountered was Internet Explorer seemingly loading up an old version of the image and returning the dimensions of that even though a new different sized image had replaced it. Emptying my cache and fiddling with the options dialog made no difference, so I was forced to add a query string to stop this insane caching.

Another thing which seems to have tripped up other people when I was trawling the web is the need to set up the onload handler before setting the src property.

Here’s the code, hope it’s useful.

      // get the background image
      var backgroundImg = new Image();
      backgroundImg.onload = function() {
        headerHeight = backgroundImg.height;
        // do other stuff
      var imgSrc = $('.header').css('background-image');
      // IE and FireFox have quotes, Safari and Chrome don't
      imgSrc = imgSrc.replace(/["']/g, '');
      imgSrc = imgSrc.substring(4);
      imgSrc = imgSrc.substring(0, imgSrc.length - 1);
      // IE seems to be too aggressive in caching
      backgroundImg.src = imgSrc + '?' + Math.random();

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