Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Unminifying Javascript files

Am I a web developer? I dunnow, I’ve spent a lot of time building web sites but I don’t really feel like a web developer. The web just plain scares me. Debug any web application and you’re faced with shedloads of anonymous functions, eval code and general weirdness. Look at the poster boys of Web 2.0, JQuery and its children JQuery UI and JQGrid. Yes they are fecking marvellous bits of technology but try stepping through the code and tell me you have the faintest idea what on earth is going on. It feels like the web is held together with a pile of JavaScript sellotape.

But in some kind of sado-masochistic twist, the web is now even more convoluted because the JavaScript is even less readable because it’s all been minified in an attempt to save bandwidth. So now if I find myself in a debugger trying to figure out what some JavaScript is doing, I see one long line of code with useless function names and I go off to bang my head against a wall because it’s less painful. But I have found one tool that improves the situation, JS Beautifier, which will attempt to make your minified code more readable and understandable by a human. Beyond the initial rant, this is primarily a reminder to myself.

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