Saturday, January 30, 2010

Metastorm release BPM 9 and don’t tell anyone

Here’s an odd thing. When most software companies release a new version of their software, they shout about it until they are hoarse. But Metastorm have released version 9 of their BPM software and as far as I can see they haven’t even produced a press release to announce it to the world. Searching on Google News brings back no results and I can’t see any mention of it on the Metastorm website.

Initially I’d assumed this was because version 9 was released in the quiet period before Christmas and the PR onslaught would start in the new year, but here we are well into 2010 and there is still silence.

Now generally if it’s a choice between cock-up and conspiracy, I’ll plump for cock-up every time but I really can’t believe that any software company can forget to produce a press release to announce their new baby to the world so I have to go for the conspiracy option but what is the conspiracy? Answers on a postcode or in the comments…


Jerome said...

Perhaps you did not see the 9 day webinar series Metastorm presented discussing the release and features of v9. Go to the Metastorm web site to review. Quite to the contrary, Metastorm is full steam ahead on the release of v9 and it's Market Leadership credentials are testament to that fact.

Doogal Bell said...

Jerome, is that really you??? The thing is the webinars are only available to current customers as far as I can see.

Jerome said...

Fantastic! Fame at last!

Someone pretending to be me, with an unregistered domain similar to mine.

Could Metastorm, perhaps, be pretending to be me? That would be hilarious after threatening to sue me because my shop was using the subdomain metastormbpm.processmapping,

Oh, and we did see the '9 days of Metastorm BPM 9' and the general consensus is my own demonstration videos knocked it into a coked hat. Even the Metastorm developers themselves were loving them!

(the real) Jerome

Ola Elverskog said...

Could it be that the first Jerome is someone from Metastorm?

"Perhaps you did not see the 9 day webinar series Metastorm presented discussing the release and features of v9." sounds very much like someone from Metastorm product marketing.

But I agree Doogal. A press release and some news coverage in computer press would be nice. I also miss any press information on Provision v6.2 that's just been released.

Doogal Bell said...

They've sent out a press release for ProVision 6.2 now but they are still very quiet about BPM 9, which I find very odd. New customers will probably love it, it's the current customers (who know about it anyway) who probably won't be so happy with the amount of work required to upgrade.

Jerome said...


It could be someone from Metastorm, but not a 'real' Jerome. The clue is in the domain they post, which is unregistered, but oh-so-very similar to mine!

I happen to be pretty sure who it is anyway, but it is just amusing, really. I mean, why not just say who you are, FFS?

Anonymous said...

Metastorm is not sure about the quality of the product. They are still facing huge number of bugs. As far as I know they are working already on the first service pack which will fix many current issues. V9 is the biggest release ever for Metastorm. However, the workplace is running in chaotic mode many years now. This is the reason why they spend 3+ years on this release and they missed the planned deadlines twice (Final product on 01/2009 & 07/2009). Finally, there are rumours about acquisition.

Doogal Bell said...

Hmm interesting, although anybody reading your comments should probably take them with a pinch of salt since I guess you don't work for Metastorm. SR1 has just been released.