Friday, July 03, 2009

Day 21 – where I get offered a job

3 weeks in and I get a job offer, pretty good going I think. I have the weekend to think about it. And given that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush (even if the birds in the bush have really nice plumage) I will probably accept it.

For any other IT job hunters in the current climate, here’s my advice.

  • Throw your CV onto every job website out there.
  • Make sure everyone you know is aware you are looking for work, have no shame!
  • If you have a website or blog, make it obvious you are looking for work. Play the percentages game, every person who sees you are looking for work may be a potential employer.
  • Don’t demand to get paid as much as you were paid before. Assuming you’re out of work like me, your current income is zero or thereabouts, so your previous salary is pretty much irrelevant.
  • Accept all interviews. Even if the job isn’t a perfect fit, it’s good to get back into the interviewing groove, which will help when a better role turns up. And who knows, a job that doesn’t appear perfect on paper may turn out to be better than expected.
  • When you have an interview and you get asked about something you have no knowledge of, go off and investigate it. OK, it’s too late for that particular interview but it might come up again.
  • Learn about other technologies which may have passed you by in the past. Today the guy I spoke to said he was impressed with my use of the JavaScriptSerializer class, which I’d only started playing with the day before my technical test.

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