Monday, April 06, 2009

Documenting Metastorm procedures

You may be aware of the procedure documenter produced by Process Mapping, the company I work for. If not, have a look. It’s a Designer add-in, which means a menu item is added to the Designer’s Tools menu that kicks off the documenter and generates the HTML documentation. I spent a little time today extracting the HTML generation code from the add-in assembly into a separate assembly. This means that the code can be called from anywhere you like, which leads to the possibility of automating your documentation generation. Combine this with FreeFlow and you can automate the documentation of all your published procedures. The following console application demonstrates how this could be achieved.

using System;
using FreeFlow.Administration;
using ProcessMapping.ProcedureDocumentationGenerator;

namespace DocumentProcedures
  class Program
    static void Main(string[] args)
      Server server = new Server();
      server.Connect("sa", "a", "Metastorm");
      foreach (Procedure proc in server.Procedures)
        Console.WriteLine("Processing " + proc.Name);

        string filename = "c:\\temp\\" + proc.Name + ".xep";

        string htmlFilename = "c:\\temp\\html\\" + proc.Name + ".html";
        DocumentationGenerator generator = new DocumentationGenerator();
        generator.IncludeMapImages = true;
        generator.Generate(filename, htmlFilename);

I believe later versions of SQL Server allow the execution of .NET code from within the database, so I would imagine it is possible to add a trigger to the eProcedure table that kicks off this code whenever a new record is added, so documentation will always be up to date.

Of course the procedure documenter isn’t a silver bullet. To generate useful documentation, some work will be required to ensure the notes in you procedures contain useful information.

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