Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Saving latest versions of procedures from a Metastorm BPM database

Save Metastorm Procedures

One thing that comes up quite often is how to get all the latest procedures from a Metastorm database. The FreeFlow Administrator makes this easy. Simply load it up, connect to the database and use the ‘Save procedures…’ action. Select the folder to save the procedures to and everything will be saved there, included all libraries.

Like everything else in the FreeFlow Administrator, this can all be achieved programmatically, with something like the following.

      Server server = new Server();
      server.Connect("sa", "a", "Metastorm75");

Why would you want to do this? Perhaps you regularly want to get all the latest versions of the procedures in your Metastorm database before you head out of the office and want a script/console app that does this for you.

Finally, you can also get the latest versions of a specific procedure, using something like this


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