Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Do you really need to use a CAPTCHA?

I am completely lazy so I've put up with the spam coming to me from the Random Pub Finder for a long while now. Eventually I realised the signal to noise ratio was so low that I was actually missing real people submitting pub suggestions so I decided I had to do something. Again due to my laziness my first attempt at fixing the problem was just to block submissions from the common IP addresses used by the bots trying to submit things. This helped but still stuff was getting through.

So I started to think about implementing a CAPTCHA system, but even though there seems to be at least one good PHP implementation out there, laziness again got the better of me. I remembered Coding Horror which has used a sort of CAPTCHA system for several years but the difference is that the image is always the same. And has been as long as I remember. So I must assume that it is reasonably effective, given it's a site that gets a lot of hits, so I thought I'd try out the same system on the Random Pub Finder, since it's dead simple to implement.

I've only just implemented it and it's working 100% so far. If it continues to work, then it suggests all these spammy form submissions are completed automated and there is no human behind them at all. Which then leads to the conclusion that a full-blown CAPTCHA is probably not necessary for most sites.

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