Wednesday, July 09, 2008

IE7 vs FireFox : The never ending debate

I was reading a forum today when I spotted yet another debate about FireFox and IE7. Much like the Windows vs Mac vs Linux debate, this is getting incredibly tedious. Both browsers (along with Safari, Opera et al) do a perfectly good job of letting people browse the web. Both have their plus points (e.g. FireFox has better plug-ins, IE tends to work with more sites) so just let it go, will you?

Much like the OS debates, the thing that really gets my goat is the smug superiority of FireFox users. Look, using a minority web browser does not make you a hip happening person, it just means you use a different browser than the majority of people. It doesn't make you a better person just because you're not using software written by the "evil empire".

For the record, I use IE and FireFox and I'm not hugely excited by either...

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