Sunday, May 04, 2008

Removing the iTunes crapware

I have to admit to liking iTunes, but one thing I don't like is all the crap it installs alongside it. Some of this stuff is probably essential if you have an iPod, but if not it seems to be pretty much useless. I could get upset about this, but I find the simplest thing is to just remove the unneeded stuff (until the next update). Here's a list of what I've found installed on my PC and how to remove/disable it.


Startup programs

These can be removed using Windows Defender (Tools/Software Explorer/Startup Programs)





These can be disabled using Administrative Tools/Services

Apple Mobile Device

Bonjour Service

iPod service


Anonymous said...

You're a bellend.

Doogal Bell said...

Yes I am, hence the name of the blog. Thanks for the inciteful comment, anonymous coward.