Wednesday, February 06, 2008


I've been using RSS Bandit for many years. I did check out FeedDemon when I was initially looking for an RSS reader, but was put off by the price. Yeh I'm a tight arse, what was it, about $25 or so? But RSS Bandit was free and good enough for my needs. Anyway, when I found out FeedDemon was going to be free, I decided it was time to look at again. And boy am I glad I did.

First, it just works. Whereas RSS Bandit seemed to have a few bugs (the toolbar turning into a big red cross or the app not loading forcing me to delete some XML files) FeedDemon hasn't crashed once. Actually I'd like to see FeedDemon crash, just to see how it handles it (I'm hoping it offers to send the details off so it can be fixed)

Second, it's faster. Yes, I love .NET but real proper compiled Delphi code is always quicker, unless you screw it up, which Nick Bradbury hasn't done.

Third, it has more features. The dinosaur report has been most useful for clearing out feeds I never read.

I have only one request. I signed up for Newsgator for no other reason than I thought this feature would appear (Newsgator serves me no purpose since I'm pretty much always at the same machine) but it didn't. Since Newsgator presumably has a huge database of users and their feeds, I'm guessing it wouldn't be too difficult to suggest new feeds I should subscribe to based on my current feed list. I dunnow, perhaps there are privacy issues around this but I'd sure like to see it available.

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