Monday, December 31, 2007

Vista usage

I read this post on Mike Taulty's blog, which seemed to show widespread adoption of Vista

which led me to this post from Craig Murphy, again showing widespread adoption of Vista

which led me to this slightly more cynical view from Thomas Lee

which led to the original post from Alex Eckelberry

which again shows a less than rosy picture for Vista adoption. My guess is the first two are getting much higher numbers because they are MS-based development blogs, which are read by MS geeks, who are the people most likely to be using Vista. From my small sample space (from the Random Pub Finder) in December, of the 89% visitors who are using Windows, 7.6% are using Vista, meaning it's just overtaken Windows 2000. Personally I think this is a much more realistic figure. Most non-techy people I know don't know nor care what Vista is and continue to use XP quite happily. And I think they may be quite sensible, what are the compelling reasons to upgrade? I'm yet to find them. Under the hood there may be lots of changes, but on the surface there's not a lot to see.



Thomas Lee said...

Not sure I meant to be cynical in my earlier comments! I just am a bit skeptical of the Redmond "Vista is going great" message as it just does not tally with what I see on the ground (enterprises not yet migrating to Vista, low training couse attendence, etc).

Having said that, usage is growing and I expect that with SP1, enterperises will start to look more seriously at deployment of Vista.

We'll see!

Thanks for the link!

Doogal said...

I'm sure SP1 will get enterprises to start to think about upgrading, but then a lot of enterprises stuck with Windows 2000 for a long time after XP came out, so I wonder how many will upgrade quickly?

In the consumer market, my guess is most people will upgrade when they buy a new PC, I don't see many buying Vista themselves.