Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Using Sharepoint activities in a workflow designer

If you're hosting the Windows Workflow designer control in your own application (this shows you how to host the control) and you want to use the Sharepoint activities, these are the files you'll need (these are for Sharepoint Services, I think there are more activities for MOSS 2007).






I'm not sure of the rules regarding redistribution of these files since I'm only using it for my own personal use. If you're having trouble getting any of these files out of the GAC then read this post which explains how to get them out.

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Oscar PiƱones said...

Hi Bell,
Could you plz., give me more help about how you can re-host de workflow designer control showing the sharepoint library activities?... I'm lost too much time and the one result is "unknown item" for each activity from sharepoint library,

thanks in advanced,