Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Virtual Earth vs Google Maps part 3

Many moons ago I tried out Windows Live Local (now called Virtual Earth I think) and decided it didn't meet my needs since it didn't show any London tube stations or train stations which made getting round London kind of difficult. I checked it out again today and it now has got tube and train stations. This is actually a step ahead of Google Maps that only show tube stations. However it seems to be a bit buggy currently since sometimes stations appear at one zoom level, disappear when you zoom in, then re-appear again after more zooming, which I presume is not by design. Check out Herne Hill.

So finally these Web 2.0 sites have almost caught up with Streetmap, which I don't think has been updated in about 5 years. Kind of shows up the 'we move in a fast moving industry' mantra as a complete lie.  

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