Sunday, April 29, 2007

SonicWall VPN Client for Vista beta

One of the problems I've had with Vista is the fact the SonicWall VPN Client doesn't work with it and SonicWall haven't released a new version for Vista. Well they've finally got their arse in gear and released a beta version of the VPN client.

Send an email with “subscribe” as the subject of the email to if you’re interested in participating in the beta program.

It kind of works for me, although after a while Vista complains that two PCs are connected to the network with the same IP address. Then everything falls apart. Restarting the VPN client and my wireless connection fixes the problem.

Addendum (28th October) - The SonicWall VPN client for Vista is now out of beta and it is all working fine for me now.


Unknown said...


i have emailed couple of times in the last two months . have not heard from them. is it possible u can email me the beta client.

Doogal said...

Hi Raj

I suspect it's not within the terms of the license agreement to pass it on to other people, sorry!

Anonymous said...

Doogal Bell.

Thank you .

Anonymous said...