Thursday, January 11, 2007

Things annoying me today

FOR XML RAW - Why on earth would you ever use this in a stored procedure? OK, I can think of one use, when you want to do some kind of XSLT on the stored procedure output to produce some HTML or whatever, but not just so you can treat the output from a stored procedure as an XML document. What's the point? Just traverse the record set using the provided database classes.

Commented out code - If you're using a source control system (and if you're not then you're doomed), why leave commented out code lying around? It's all stored away in the file history. If I do a search for a call to a function, finding lots of commented out code is a waste of my time.

Copy and paste code - It's great to fix a bug in some code, then to find it's been reproduced verbatim in 4 other places in the project...

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