Sunday, June 18, 2006

The construction of a disco shed

Here are some photos of the construction of my disco shed. I'm very pleased with the final outcome and I learnt a few things on the way. First I discovered that air-raid shelters are very difficult to pull down, especially when the bolts are all rusted in. Cutting through them with a hacksaw takes a flipping long time. Then I learnt that laying a concrete slab is a pretty big job. When I calculated I needed 68 bags of ballast (which is sand mixed with gravel) I thought I'd made a mistake. In fact it turned out I actually needed more. A cement mixer was pretty much essential as well. Also, getting the base level is quite important. Mine is a little bit out so my chair rolls down the slope when I'm sat at my desk. Not so bad that I fly out the door, but if I'd made more of an effort to get the base exactly level I wouldn't have the problem.
Finally, a disco ball is absolutely essential for the modern disco shed...

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